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Monday, 12 August 2013

Podcasts for the New Football Season

Podcasting is one of the most underrated mediums of reaching out with opinions and shows in modern technology and the sports world is one of the main beneficiaries from this.  I have five that I've chosen as the cream of the crop, and I'm a massive fan and devoted listener to all of them, so get involved!

  1. The Football Ramble

Marcus. Pete. Luke. Jim. These four for years now have managed to produce a weekly podcast that balances perfectly the serious and hilarious sides of football. All four share a brilliant sense of humour and and never let themselves drop into the more negative stories of the football world. At the same time, their weekly round up of goings on in football is never short of genuine informed opinions and anecdotes. 
As a whole, let's just say their tagline 'The Most Entertaining Voice in Football' can't be too far off.

2. Second Captains Football

One that a lot of this blog's readers (mostly US and UK) wouldn't be aware of I imagine. The Second Captains, formally Newstalk radio's Off The Ball team, are the five Irishmen whose broadcasting has made serious waves over the last half decade or so. Only recently moving to an out-and-out podcast service, as well as recently having their own TV pilot, there are now two Second Captains football shows a week as well as two general sports shows. Main host Eoin McDevitt is joined by co-hosts Ciaran Murphy and Ken Early also add the ingredient of humour and light-heartedness to most of their features but also have the contacts to call up more than enough experts and journalists every episode. 

3. Football Weekly 


Guardian Sport generally have the best football content and columns on the web and are built to survive the times not just with their active reach into video and other online content, as well as a vast amount of excellent contributors. Football Weekly, fantastically hosted by James Richardson, uses this rotating cast of sublime writers (especially Barney Ronay and Sean Ingle) and occasionally drifts into correspondents like Fernando Duarte to reach the issues that aren't too close to home.
Footbally weekly also releases two episodes a week, usually a Monday show reviewing the weekend followed by a Thursday show previewing the next. What this show has going for it is that I would have to put it down as the most essential listen should you be forced to live in a football black hole for a week.
Informative and intelligent, Football Weekly is the UK's most popular sports podcast for a reason.

4. The Final Third

The youngest show in the list, The Final Third is a group of three young Irishmen, Ger Deegan, Rob Canavan and Conor Kelly who clearly are three of the biggest football fans dedicated to the game all across Europe and can match any of th eabove in terms of knowledge. Obviously, not belonging to one of the bigger sport journalism networks, independent podcasts such as this one (and The Ramble) can't devote time to giving out news everyone knows or going through discussions we've all listened to already. The Final Third guys usually find smaller interesting stories to talk about across European football and are definitely one to watch.
Find out all about them here: http://thefinalthirdfootballpodcast.com/

5. The Tuesday Club

Appealing to only a small minority of people readers (Arsenal fans, to be exact), The Tuesday CLub is without a doubt the podcast I can't wait to return the most. Comedian Alan Davies hosts a group of his fellow season ticket holders at the Emirates, most notably fellow comedian Ian Stone. Usually digressing over the often depressing events surrounding Arsenal, this weekly show is easily the funniest I have listened to across all podcasts. Clearly lifelong friends, Alan is usually joined by any out of Ian Stone, Keith 'El Presidente' Dover, Tayo Popoola, Damian Harris and Posh Olly, which usually involves many hilarious anecdotes or impressions of all those at the club. If you're an Arsenal fan, subscribe now. If not, try it out anyway.

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